Friday, 20 June 2014

Strawberry Nails!

Strawberry Nails! 

Okay, so I'm pretty terrible at doing nails. This attempt at Strawberry Nails was no better than usual but I still think it's a really cute idea and if you're decent at them! I have all the imagination and none of the skill!
However,It was really easy to do time and supply wise.

I just used:
  •  A cute pink/red colour for the strawberry body
  • An apple green for the tips
  • A white nail polish for the little dots
  • A clear glitter to give the tips a little bit more attention 
  • A clear coat to complete the look and keep the nails safe for longer
All of my nail polished were really cheap from Primark and Boots because I wanted to try this and see if it'd work. If I like a nail design then i'll invest in really good quality brands but for trials these are perfect.

Green, pink and clear nail polished are all from Primark

The Glitter and the White nail varnishes are from Christmas gift sets Boots 2013
Firstly, I put on a coat of the 'Rose Petal' pink and waited for it to dry.

Then, I used the 'Keylime Pie' green as the top of the strawberry. These polishes require two coats to look bright and vibrant. 

Once these had dried, I took the glitter and covered the green entirely to make sure it would stand out a little more and just to put in a little sprinkle of girlyness here. 

Lastly, I took a tooth pick and dipped it into my white polish and created the dots on the strawberry and I finished it all of with a clear coat. 

You could do this design with a black or yellow nail polish replacing the white for the dots, or darker base colours depending on what you like!  

I actually think it would be a little bit nicer if I had put the green at the bottom of the nails instead of the tips but I still think it looks cute.

If you like this design or want to see similar blog posts then comment suggestions and let me know! Thanks for reading :)

-Tessatata xoxo

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