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Lip stuff review: EOS, Chapstick, nivea and more!

My lip balms and sticks!

So, I thought I'd do a review of the lip balms (and some lip sticks) I'm using at the moment. I'm such a big fan of trying out lip balms because usually they smell fantastic and make your lips smooth, which is awesome. 

I apologise for their conditions, they're usually lying in my make-up bags which tend to have leaking powders or foundations, whoops!

Nivea Lip Butters

I got these lip butters in a Nivea gift set at Christmas, as you can see I haven't used them very much. They're both a bit too thick for me. I tend to apply lip balm A LOT throughout the day because my lips chap so easily. I also just like having my lips smell good throughout the day because I'm weird like that. The Nivea lip butters don't really work for me because when I put them over lipstick (which I wear every time I wear make-up) they decrease the lipstick's colour and intensity. I don't really have many positives to say about the original one. The Raspberry Rose does smell/taste really lovely though. If you're looking for a lip butter specifically for the scent and you require much healing then I wouldn't completely rule it out. I'm just not a fan of a thick feeling over my lips. The packaging is pretty handy though, they're in very thin little tubs that fit perfectly into your pockets or make-up bags! 

Rating: 2/5


Alo Vera and Paint the Town (Red lip tint)

I think most people have tried Vaseline, at least in the UK. It's a pretty standard go-to lip therapy product. These products have a lot of uses, you don't just have to use them for your lips! When my nails grow and I'm re-touching their roots I put Vaseline around the edges so to not get paint on my skin etc etc. Lots of people suggest putting Vaseline on your eyelashes overnight to thicken them, or using it as a moisturised for dry elbows (I have personally never tried either but why not give it a go if you fancy?).

Anyway, as for these products specifically. The Alo Vera Vaseline has a nice subtle scent which for some reason, to me, smells pretty healing. I do like this product, I think it does moisturise your lips pretty well. The only con I have for Vaseline tubs is the greasyness of the solution. If you don't have something to wipe/wash your hands with you might find the greasyness temporarily frustrating. If you're someone with long nails then then tubs for lip balm generally tend to get the product stuck under your nail which is a bit of a pain, but otherwise I do really like the product!

The Paint the Town Read has a really edgy/sexy design on the tub which is a nice touch. The product works really well and does moisturise your lips. If I'm having a particularly bad lip day then I'd say I have to apply this every hour or so. I don't know how often other people apply but I think that's quite regularly. I love the red tint, it gives a really subtle red edge to your lips. It's also not too strong that it overtakes your lipstick if you're wearing a red one, so you don't have to worry about your lipstick coming off! I don't 100% swear by this product like so many other people though, sometimes it irritates my lips a little ( I have really really sensitive skin!).

Rating: 4/5 



This is my personal favourite lip balm in the world! I really love Chapstick's products. My favourite scent/flavour is definitely apple but they have lots to chose from! This product has SPF15 which comes in handy in the summer (or in general if you're lucky enough to love somewhere awesome and warm). This is my go-to product for healing my lips. I think it's so easy to use and handy to carry around and they taste fantastic. The taste lasts quite a while which is great because I've found with some other brands that the scent is only momentary. I usually keep this in my jean or jacket pocket and use it on the go. I've been using Chapstick for about 4 years and I can't fault it at all. It doesn't take away from your lip colour, so there's no concern there. I'm pretty sure the cherry and strawberry ones actually give off a tiny bit of colour too. Woo!  Big love to Chapstick <3 

Rating: 5/5 (I'm so biased here, sorry)

Eos Lip Balms

Orange = Medicated Tangerine
Red(ish) = Summer Fruit
Green = Honeysuckle Honeydew 
Blue= Sweet Mint
Pink = Strawberry Sorbet

I bought these products in a combined package after hearing so many good things about them from beauty gurus on Youtube. I ordered them from Amazon (up until now all the products have been drug store) because they don't sell EOS in the UK. I think part of the attraction to EOS was the fact that they're so rare in the UK. These are $3.29 on the EOS website each and I think I bought them online for £19. It seems so silly to spend that on lip balm but I've wanted to try them all for a while and prefer to spend money on lip care than other beauty products. 

So, the packaging (in my opinion) is so so cute. I love the little cases they are in. They have a screw top  and the lip balm is in a little egg shape. In general, the formula used is decent enough. It moisturises my lips for about an hour or so before I feel the need to re-apply. I noticed this in the Cinema because I was hunting around my bag for it mid-movie. The packaging means it's a little more difficult to keep handy in your pockets (jeans etc) but they're much easier to find at the bottom of your bag because they feel so unique! 

The Medicated Tangerine and the Summer Fruit are pretty renowned as love/hate scents. I'm personally not a fan of the medicated scent and I don't really feel like it has any more healing power than the others. The only difference seems to be a more rugged texture on the balm. I love the Summer Fruit one but not one other person who I've let try it has liked it at all!  As for the Honeysuckle Honeydew, it's a pretty light scent and tastes a little bit like watermelon. I use this one the least but for no particular reason. 

Now for my favourites! Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet! I love love love the Sweet Mint lip balm. It's got a tingling effect so your lips feel a sensation when you put it on which I think is brilliant. The sensation lasts about ten minutes but the minty smell lasts longer. The Strawberry Sorbet is so sweet and delicious, I use this so much that I went and ordered another one (I gave that to my friend though because she loved it so much). 

The wear-ability of these products is pretty great. I've used the strawberry pretty much daily since February and I still have lots left. The main flaw is that they seem to actively remove your lipsticks if you put them on over lippy so I'd just use it on bare lips. Otherwise, they're pretty moisturising, cute lip balms that you can treat yourself to every now and then. They also seem to be a fun conversation started in the UK! Whenever I take one out in public someone generally asks me about them.

Rating: 3.5/5 (I'd give the Sweet Mint 5/5 just for the tingling though!) 

Some Lippy 

Elizabeth Arden (RoseBud)/// Lipgloss, Rimmel (170 Alarm)/// NYC 2in1 lipstick (425 The Red Hots) 

Max Factor (Dusky Rose 830)

Okay, so a really brief bit about some lipsticks! I have quite a few more that I won't mention here. (If you'd like a full lipstick collection and review let me know!)

The Elizabeth Arden Lip gloss was given to me by my aunt. I never usually wear lip gloss because I always wear my hair down and it's so windy in Scotland that it's just a massive annoyance. When I first tried this product I thought it was far too light, but it's really grown on me and I think it's a really cute finish on light lips for a simple summer look.

Rimmer 170 Alarm: I love this for a shocking red lip. It's so bright and dramatic which goes brilliantly with dark eye liner. I rarely use this because I don't go on nights out very often but when I do I think this is my favourite night time lipstick. It's also really long lasting (I'd say 6-8 hours of gabbing away before re-application)

NYC 2in1 Lipstick: This is my all time favourite. I originally bought this in Florida (and then re-ordered it online because I couldn't find it in the UK). It has two colours in the one lipstick which I find really handy. During the day I can go for a more subtle pink lip and at evening time I can just switch to the lovely red colour. I use this almost every day during University time (it's so subtle that no one thinks I'm even wearing lipstick, which to me is what I want at work/Uni). One of these lasts me around 6/7 months before the colours merge too much to be separately used. 

Max Factor Dusky Rose: This is my colour that I go for when I'm in something particularly girly or floral. It gives a really soft and pretty look to your lip and it's slightly less subtle than my NYC which I like when I'm actually making an effort with my makeup. Plus, the packaging is pretty cute. 

There you go! That's my very long blog post on lip balms and sticks!
If you liked this or found this useful at all then please do let me know in the comments. That's all from me, I hope you have a really lovely day, where ever you are :)

-Tessatata xoxo

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