Monday, 30 June 2014

My music for June!

Summer Playlist Faves! 

I use Spotify to listen to music which means I'm always discovering new music through the suggestions on the app, which I love. So I thought I would share some of my summer favourites with you. I have a few playlists with hundreds and hundreds of songs and artists on them so I have to be very selective!

My playlists are named: 

  • Disney (no shame, I love Disney tunes for cleaning up and cheering me up)
  • I'm 16 Again (songs I loved when I was younger in general)
  • R&B
  • Home (I made this playlist when I was travelling and felt very homesick and decided to listen to songs with the title 'home' in them)
  • Female Power (gotta have some Beyonce and Iggy in there)
  • Gym (motivational pumping iron stuff here, duh)
  • Summer Chill
  • anndddd TUNES (pretty much all new music goes in here)

I'm going to make this a monthly thing because I generally listen to new music all the time and sometimes I have it pretty seasonal. I like to go to a lot of gigs too, so sometimes I'll use my Bandsintown app (Songkick is really awesome too) to see who's coming to town and I'll have a listen and see if I like them. 

Lately I've been loving: (courtesy of my 'summer chill' playlist) 

  • Chet Faker

An Australian Electronica Musician, what's not to love? I've seen him live this year and he was amazing, he has such a perfect recording voice. Really chilled, calm (kind of sultry?) vibes from his music. Plus he has a beard, and beards are awesome. 

Here's a cover of no-diggity to ease you in:

Here's one of my favourites: 

  • SOJA

An American group. I'm not good with naming genres but I don't know... I'd say they're reggae chilled awesomeness. That's the genre they fit into. I did actually google them just to see what genre they consider themselves but no luck pour moi. I listen to these lovely lads when I'm chilling in the sun or with friends on speakers. I'm also a fan girl for dreads and beards. 

Here's a super popular song: 

Here's my favourite:

  • SOHN

Sohn  (Real name Christopher Taylor), is an English musician, songwriter, and producer based in Vienna, Austri of the Electronic genre (Thank you wikipedia). I don't generally research musicians, I just listen to their music. I think SOHN's tunes are so so catchy and unique (to my ears). I could just listen to SOHN all the time. So summery, chilled, passionate and great. Definitely give him a listen! He's touring Europe at the moment I think. I'm seeing him in Croatia this summer and Glasgow in September, so if you like him see if he'll be anywhere near you! 

My favourite:

Super passionate and beautiful: (my my what a high voice he has)

  • Cas Haley

The runner up on America's got talent 2007. Don't let that put you off, the show did good! I personally think it's better not to win that show anyway because the artists disappear for ages before anything happens. He's a reggae rock musician and I love his vibes.

America's got talent link, why not see him years ago?

My favourite (I just love his covers):

  • Michael Franti

An American musician and poet. This man has the sexiest voice, but in a very strange way. He fits the genres of hip-hop, reggae, rock, folk and many more. What a lovely little variety. Yet again, a dreaded man. I honestly don't even know what artists look like when I listen to them. Maybe dreadlocks have some sort of magical musical power. 

His most popular according to the side bit on youtube:

My favourite. So chilled, I can't help put move to this: (I listen on spotify so this was the best I could find):

Another goodie (with his band), go on listen and be free:

  • John Butler Trio

An Australian man called John Butler and his band mates. I've loved this mad for years, so he fits every season to me. Alternative rock, bluegrass, blues rock, Reggae, and many more! He's so talented as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He cheers me up with his tunes. I've seen them live this year and it was a great night. He used to have dreads and he cut them. None of his musical talent has been lost with the loss as far as I'm aware. Maybe the dreads create everlasting talent. 

Ocean, which is just him and a guitar for a long time and it's magical: (There's a 12 minute version of him live outside somwhere that is amazing, find it!)

One of my favourites:

  • Ben Harper

I discovered Ben Harper because when I was much younger I was pretty obsessed with Heath Ledger and they were apparently friends. Nowadays, I listen to him because his music is beautiful and chilled. Folk rock, blues rock, alternative rock, gospel, reggae galore! Listen to this beautiful musician and enjoy.

His most suggestion popular on youtube:

My favourite (it used to make me cry and I don't know why):

  • Jack Johnson

An American singer song writer and surfer fitting into the genres of folk rock, indie pop and surf. This cheery little chap has been around for years. Well, most of these musicians have but Mr. Johnson has been commercially famous for a while. He was my best friend's first ever album that she bought so that's my memory that I always associate with him. He is just so so summer and happy and chilled. His music makes you just sit and appreciate life and want to be a better person. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

One of his makers:

My favourite (I wish I could obey this song all the time, just listen to that rain in the background, mmmm):

That's it from me! This turned out to be a lot longer than I had planned but I just love talking about music. It also took a while to write because I had may have listened to all the songs I posted and chilled mid-way.

I'll see you for a similar post next month!

If you enjoyed this and want to see similar things in the future then please let me know in the comments!

Much love, have a beautiful day.

-Tessatata xoxo

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